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First Person Camera Bracket

First Person Camera Bracket



Easily capture and share everything you see in first person view HANDS FREE! A simple yet practical solution to a common problem our current world struggles with. Assists with blogging, videos, DIY tutorials, special moments you want to capture from your perspective. Easily adjusts to firmly and securely hold your phone or GoPro! Plus FREE SHIPPING!
  • Share what you see! Capture and get the best view while being handsfree.
  • It’s a collar design that allows you to mount any phone or sports camera to its bracket. Now, you can easily film videos and share your point of view.
  • First Person Camera Bracket is mainly composed of superior ABS , so you boldly hang on the neck anchor. Flexible rings, suitable for most kinds of people who use the body, will not scratch the skin. Create immersive point of view videos when cooking cuisine, traveling, dating, playing with pets, sharing science and technology evaluation etc.

  • Special design which captures the first person perspective shot. Supporting the largest angle of 270 degrees, enjoying the best angle and giving you a great experience.
  • Hands Free Design - This accessory helps to film or photograph with your smartphone when hands are busy. You could easily record all the moments in life.
  • Angle of 180 Degree - It’s easy to operate, and can achieve the adjustment of 180 degree, to any angle that you like.
  • Bendable and Adjustable Mount - Adjustable and bendable to get the best position you want to capture.
  • Universal Phone Holder - The size of the clip is 2.3"- 2.95" / 58mm - 75mm, which fits all kinds of phones 4” - 6”. (Horizontal placement only)
  • Point of View - The phone mount helps to record the scene from the point of view, which is a helpful gadget if you want to make a funny film.
  • For Any Situations - It could be used for many situations, recording the view while riding a bicycle, live broadcast when you are cooking.
  • Color: Black